Materialities of care is a research network exploring material culture in the context of health and social care. It addresses how everyday artefacts (such as objects, dress, interiors and architecture) are entangled with health and social care encounters, and mediate practices, identities and embodied experiences of health and illness. It is an interdisciplinary network, bringing together people from a range of disciplines, including: sociology; history; archaeology; architecture; geography and museum studies, as well as museum curators, artists and other practitioners.

The network builds on a two day event ‘Materialities of Care: Encountering Health and Illness Through Objects, Artefacts, and Architecture’ hosted at the University of York on 16th- 17th September 2015, supported by funding from the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness.

If you are interested in being part of the network or would like to hear more about future events please contact either Chrissy Buse (Christina.Buse@york.ac.uk) or Daryl Martin (daryl.martin@york.ac.uk)